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Explore Devon: Dartmoor

Dartmoor is a unique landscape set in the heart of south-west England. It was the fourth National Park to be designated in the UK in 1951. Dartmoor is a landscape shaped by millennia of human activity – water; woodlands; the patchwork of farmed fields – all set against a backdrop of breathtaking high open moorland. Dramatic granite outcrops dominate the skyline; the remains of once giant mountains,  eroded and frost shattered over millions of years to leave the iconic granite tors that you now see today.

Dartmoor is one of the most important Bronze Age landscapes in Western Europe, containing thousands of hut circles, the remains of human habitation, stone rows, standing stones, religious complexes and burial sites. The longest stone row in the world can be found on Dartmoor.

The National Park contains habitats of national and international importance, supporting a huge diversity of species. Dartmoor’s ponies play an important part in habitat management by grazing plants that cattle and sheep won’t eat.